Vela Blu Knitwear Factory


Vela Blu Knitwear company was born in 80s in Ruvo di Puglia, tank to entrepeneurial of the BUCCI family.

MADE IN ITALY and QUALITY are the distintive features of our company which, from the very beginning have allowed us to work for the production of the great italian brands. Our know-how was developed over the years and in 2002 the “Vela Blu” brand was borned,allowing u sto position ourselves in the craftmanship, attention to detail, passion for research and innovation.


Our company is recognized in Italy and abroad for the production of Filoscozia Polo shirt’s, these being a distincitive element of the company. Made inside our company with regular quality control they are presented offering a wide range, from the simplest ans most basic to the most extravagant and full of contrasts one. Our knitwear company offers additional clothing, thus diversifyng its offer: waistcoats, jackets, accessories (such as scarves and hats) and more. All of our products are designed following the evolution of the market trends. All collections, in fact, include a variety of colors and multiple processing method.