VELA BLU Knitwear factory

Our Company

The VELA BLU knitwear factory specializes in high-quality cut-type knitwear productions and their packaging. The family-run company was founded in 1986 in Ruvo di Puglia (Bari), thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Biagio Bucci and his wife Filomena, and today it can count on the young and qualified professionalism of the second generation of the family, Vincenzo and Noemi.

VELA BLU Knitwear factory

Corporate mission

The company has always based its production philosophy on quality textile craftsmanship, attention to detail, manual production, research & innovation, and still today it can boast the mastery of highly specialized staff that for over 25 years he has been working in the cutting and packaging workshop.
The core business of the company is the Scotland yarn polo shirt, emblem of the quality of a wide and versatile range, which is renewed with originality over time and which today offers
5 lines and 92 catalog references.

VELA BLU knitwear factory


In addition to the VELA BLU brand, the company offers a broad and diversified private label service, able to meet the needs of national and international stakeholders. The company, in fact, internally manages the entire production cycle: from design, to cutting, to packaging, ironing and logistics. The control of the cycle, the rapidity of the service in processing orders, and a production capacity of 500 pieces per day guarantee an efficient, flexible and reliable personalized service.

VELA BLU knitwear factory

Company Vision

The knitwear factory operates on the Italian and international market as a third party supplier and boasts important collaborations with major Italian and foreign fashion brands to which it offers a highly qualified consultancy service already in the design and definition phase of the new models.
The knitwear factory intends to develop its international presence by launching new business partnerships in the EU and non-EU territories.


Foundation year.
The main activity is third-party processing for “high quality” brands.


Creation of the “VELA BLU” brand and development of direct and indirect sales.


Digitization of the production process thanks to the advent of cloud technology, everything is within reach of the B2B client.

The enlargement of the laboratory with cutting and the modeling office perfect the entire production cycle.


Ingresso in mercati esteri quali
Europa, Asia e America (UE ed Extra UE)


Strengthening of the brand with the launch of the first single-brand temporary store.



VELA BLU knitwear factory specializes in the production of men’s knitwear. The knitwear factory creates 2 collections per year (spring / summer and autumn / winter) with proposals that intend to decline quality in wearability and trends.