The brightness of the precious yarns reflects the elegance and class of the Vela Blu polo shirts and t-shirts.

The Yacht Club Collection is a refined selection of garments with an unmistakable seafaring taste, entirely produced in Apulia with strictly Made in Italy fabrics.With a classic cut but a contemporary appeal, the collection is inspired by the beauty of the sea and its colors and it is designed for those who want an informal elegance and a personal style.

The precious lisle cotton, in its different textures, gives life to shiny, silky fabrics which softly adapt to the lines of the body.


Lightweight, shiny and fresh fabric, with a silky touch on the skin, it is appreciated for its high breathability and is, therefore, ideal on the hottest and sultry summer days.

  • Skipper-style white polo shirt, with a striped knit collar and cuffs, a refined pointy pocket embroidered with the brand’s iconic sails. The chromatic contrasts of the three-button opening enrich with details an outfit that is never banal. Sporty but refined style which makes the elegant choice of colours its greatest expression and it is carefully tailored to each nuance.
  • T-shirt with the original intense blue containing all the energy of the sea. Marine-style striped collar and cuffs. An elegant detail is the iconic pocket with a finely embroidered logo designing a garment characterized by a minimal but decisive personality.


From the intertwining of the most precious cotton spools, the Oxford weave is born, this being a precious, light, elegant and delicate fabric used to make durable, resistant, highly breathable and easy to maintain garments. 

  • Adriatic blue polo shirt echoing the tones of the stormy sea, with Oxford knit collar and cuffs representing the identity of a well-defined style. The pocket alongside the embroidered logo enhance the polo shirt contemporary classic taste.
  • The blueberry-colored polo shirt with a knitted collar and cuffs represents a strong and unmistakable choice.The majolica pattern, with contrasting colours and the three-button opening, completes a perfect look for those who are always searching for new taste challenges.
  • National flag colour polo shirt, a unique mix of lighter shades of blue. The majolica patterned contrast on the three-button opening is a style detail.

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